The other day in the gym, I noticed that on the wall there were printed a series of “recommendations” (see photo) to live better. Among these recommendations there was one in particular that made me smile: “THINK POSITIVE”.

Our thoughts, particularly those that cause strong emotions, over time turn into beliefs. And our beliefs rooted deep in our subconscious mind, guide our actions. Actions produce results in every case.

Facts are also devoid of any negative emotion. Very often, we judge situations or the actions of others on fragments of information we have. We are able, in many cases, to go to the wrong conclusions.

For example, before going to a job interview, you might think that you don’t have marketing skills, but you are willing to develop the missing skills and that you have other skills that the company could benefit from.

3. Learn to “let go.” If you find that you are thinking negatively, simply stop following those thoughts and think about something else, shift your “focus” to other aspects and come back to your present, to the famous here and now.


Stories of those who change their lives to pursue a dream and those who get back up when life has knocked them down. Angelo Ricci tells how it is possible to change the direction of our existence starting from our personal and professional aspirations.

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To find our center again, here are so many positive phrases about life that can get positive messages across to our weary souls. It sounds absurd, but positive words can really give us the energy to turn things in the right direction.

Here, below, are some positive phrases in English, because the famous positive thinking knows no barriers of language or nation. Although they are short positive phrases, they are of great impact and will surely leave us speechless and full of initiatives to take.


On October 31, under the banner of confidence and positive thinking, Comincio dai 3 – Famiglie a Teatro will start again, offering five Sunday events for the 2021/2022 season, five shows dedicated to tenderness, discovery, magic and the adventure of growing up, five afternoons at the theater for the whole family.

Tobia looks in the mirror and really doesn’t like himself. So what can he do to be cuddled, to be hugged by his mother? Who to ask for help? “Maybe if I looked like a cat, or a bird, or a fox…she would hug me and I, I would be less lonely, I would be safe snuggled in her arms…”

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