Yoga l aquila

Yoga l aquila

The spirit of the eagle – online yoga classes in italian

Bend the knees, raise the right foot and cross the right thigh over the left. Point the toes of the right foot toward the floor, press the foot back and hook the foot behind the lower left calf. Extend your arms parallel to the floor and cross your right arm over your left arm.

Bend the elbows and insert the right elbow into the crook of the left and raise the forearms. Grasp the hands with palms facing each other. While inhaling stretch the spine, while exhaling relax the muscles between the shoulder blades and shoulders with the knees bent. Hold for at least 5 breaths and then switch sides.

For the new school year 2020-2021, swisstopo is offering schools a new online treasure hunt on the topic of sport. This teaching tool allows students aged 10 to 15 years to familiarize themselves with the geodata of Switzerland and to use them in a playful way during school learning.

Yoga – the vinyasa of the eagle – garudasana

– Sunday, October 16 at 6:00 pm “By Candlelight”: Yoga and Meditation by Candlelight to celebrate the Full Moon in the company of Daniella D’Amore, spiritual counselor, student of Doreen Virtue and expert in “Angels and Law of Attraction, has lived many years with Native Americans participating in their spiritual life. Cost 10 euros.

Traces of these disorders are found even in the act of breathing, but since the psyche, mind and breath are interconnected, learning to breathe correctly means creating the right conditions to overcome these disorders.

Smart yoga class – eagle position

The key concepts of yoga will be explained for those who wish to approach this practice for the first time or for those who wish to have a supporting guide to follow this discipline at its best.

The set of pdf lessons of the course is a manual that can be consulted for in-depth analysis of asana (body positions), mudras and pranayama (breathing) techniques performed in the video lessons, as well as offering theoretical hints and ideas for integrating yoga into your daily life, outside of the mat.

Hatha yoga asana – posizione dell’aquila – “garudasana”

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