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Pilates chiavari

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Being a mother, I became passionate about the world of pregnancy and I decided to dedicate myself to pregnant women by holding a Pilates course specifically for them at Spazio Oltre, a place created by women for women, which I manage together with Irene Fasano.

In the final minutes of the lesson, I like to dedicate a moment to relax, trying, through specific techniques, to put mothers in touch with their babies. This always gives rise to different and unexpected sensations in them, giving me unique emotions.

Once they become mothers, then, I continue to follow them with the course of Pilates Postpartum and through targeted exercises work on the recovery of the pelvic floor, toning of abdominal muscles and rebalancing of correct posture … all in the presence of newly arrived puppies (if the mother wishes).

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She offers psycho-pedagogical counseling and cognitive-behavioral-based help with problems of stress, anxiety, panic attacks, addictions…View all profilesVirginia Arzillo Fitness Coach XWOMANVirginia Arzillo9 reviewsFitness Coach and HIIT Instructor, specializing in women’s training.

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Gyms ChiavariPalestre in the town of ChiavariThe town of Chiavari is located in the province of Genoa (GE) in the region Liguria.Le gyms are places equipped to practice sports indoors and are well equipped allow customers various sports including, body building, gymnastics, fitness, weight training and more.

In the town of chiavari you will find many cards on gyms with all the details (phone,e-mail,address, web site, opening hours etc.), you can also see images of gyms, services offered by gyms, updated prices of gyms, special offers for the year 2021 in the town of chiavari.Complete list of Gyms Chiavari

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The combination of exercise and music transforms the simple act of athletic walking into a compelling and exciting workout program that allows the instructor to create technically and choreographically impressive group classes.

The Stark Body Flying® technique is born from the fusion of the fundamental principles of Pilates, yoga, artistic gymnastics and stretching, to which two important elements are added: the weight of the body and gravitational resistance.

It has positive effects on the cardiorespiratory system by strengthening it, on the bones by strengthening them, on the lymphatic system by helping to eliminate toxins, on the muscles, especially the abdominal one, continuously stressed to maintain balance and control the power of the jump!

This is a general workout that includes both the cardiovascular aspect, as well as physical endurance and toning. Through the use of fitness equipment (dumbbells, anklets, rubber bands and medicine ball) we work on the muscles of the whole body. The Total Body Circuit aims at maximum toning and enhanced coordination through continuous input from a perception point of view,

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