Mukha bhastrika

You can try a few simple positions to do at home, some also serve as stretching to relax the muscles, others to gather the energy needed to face the day, such as greeting the sun.

All these positions are well suited to beginners, but to approach in a serious and gradual way to this oriental discipline you must follow one of the many courses, which surely is also held in your area.

Kneel down, rest your butt on your heels and, while exhaling through your nose, stretch your back forward, letting your forehead touch the ground. Leaving your shoulders soft and your arms extended forward. You can join your palms together in devotion. Keep the back of your feet resting on the ground.

Bring the soles of the feet to the inner thigh of the weight-bearing leg, keeping the toes downward. The pelvis should be firm and straight. Then you can raise your hands and join your palms above your head or, if you can’t balance, in front of your chest.

To change things i start with me yoga practice to put us

In this Surya Namaskara we add the Bija Mantra that must be repeated, in correspondence with the Chakras, in each position of the Sun Salutation. There are 6 Bijas repeated twice. In Namskara Mudra OM HRAM in the heart, in Ardha Chandrasana OM HRIM in the throat, in Padahastasana OM HRUM in the sacrum, in Ashwasanchalana OM HRAIM in the space between the eyebrows, in Meruasana OM HRAUM in the throat, in Shastangasana OM HRAHA in the navel. Now repeat: in Bhujangasana OM HRAM in the sacrum, in Meruasana OM HRIM in the throat, in Ashwasanchalana OM HRUM in the space between the eyebrows, in Padahastasana OM HRAIM in the sacrum, in Ardha Chandrasana OM HRAUM in the throat, in Namaskara Mudra OM HRAHA in the heart.

From the position of Dharmikasana (kneeling with the head on the ground) we slide forward until the chest rests on the ground. The pelvis remains raised. The arms are bent or even stretched out in front of us. The head we rotate it on one cheek. We maintain the position for at least 5 deep breaths, then we rotate the head on the other side, remaining for another 5 deep breaths. When we are finished we slide forward and relax by rotating the head on one cheek.

Yoga ratna lesson at villa vrindavana

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Atmungserleichternde positionen 3

There are some particularly busy and tiring days when you come home and even yoga turns out to be a chore to do and not a pleasant appointment during which you can take care of yourself.

The precious asana we are talking about is called balasana, “child’s pose,” also known as dharmikasana, “folded leaf pose” or “devotee’s pose.” This second asana is sometimes performed with the arms forward, differing slightly, as we shall see, from balasana.

On a physical level, this asana acts on the internal organs of the pelvis and abdomen, as well as stretching the spine and shoulders. It is useful for stretching the thighs and ankles as well as relieving tension in the back.

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