Maria rosa fimmanò

Maria rosa fimmanò

The expert answers maria rosa fimmano’ the law of attraction

Having or not a certain predominant wound compared to others means that the attitude to gain, the attitude towards health or the events with the partner change. When you become an expert, even the way you write an email, the way you study or your attitude at work will show you the predominant wound.

In addition, depending on the situation in which we find ourselves, we can experience a different wound: for example, at work we show the traits of the wound of betrayal, while with loved ones emerge the characteristics of the wound of humiliation.

Maria rosa fimmanò between science and spirituality

Course objectives: We will learn many new things about ourselves, our well-being, how to have a lot of energy to handle the challenges of every day and physical fitness. Addressed to: everyone, no prerequisites are required.

We are checking your application to make sure it meets publication standards. Other than that, we have noted from your responses that you may not be able to matriculate to this training. This could be due to the degree you hold, where you live, etc. In any case, we recommend that you check by contacting the training center.

The expert answers with maria rosa fimmano

Applied Neurogenetics-Energetics (participating in various courses taught directly by Richard and Shanti Durée, kinesiologists and researchers with thirty years of experience, collaborators of Gordon Stoke and creators of the method), Kinergetics, Educative

and I decide to continue my journey in this direction. Finished the four-year training, during which I had the good fortune to know Andrew personally attending courses taught directly by him, and having obtained the title of Kinesiologist and Naturopath, I continue to attend the institute for a further two years of specialization.

Ancient and modern techniques, from the Traditional Chinese Model to NLP, Chakra rebalancing, Neurovascular and Neurolymphatic Reflexes of Dr. Bennet, representation of the Morphovital Field, Five Wounds rebalancing and many others.

Live – resolving the five wounds [with maria rosa fimmanò].

Abandonment, Injustice, Rejection, Betrayal, Humiliation are wounds that can mark your life, preventing you from achieving fulfillment and joy. Or you can choose to get rid of them, turning them into resources, into real strengths.What does “Resolving the Five Wounds” contain?

His seminars are dedicated both to those who attend for personal interest and to those who want to create a new profession. In his courses he has brought together his university knowledge of theoretical and experimental physics with the tradition of holistic disciplines.

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