Francoise berlette

Francoise berlette

Greeting to the sun by françoise berlette head of school teachers

In the following years, following repeated trips to India and Europe, he met some great masters, including Swami Gitananda of Pondicherry, in the Ashram of which he made a one-month retreat; Swami Buha, a sannyasin (wandering monk) master of hatha yoga, with whom he lived for two months; Paramahansa Swami Satyananda Saraswati, founder in 1962 of the International Yoga Fellowship Movement and the Bihar School of Yoga in Monghyr…

Don Antonio Gentili, a Barnabite religious, currently resides and works in the convent of Campello sul Clitunno (Pg), after having been for years animator of the house for spiritual retreats in Eupilio (CO). He leads courses of meditation and deep prayer open to every category of people. In collaboration with experts, he organizes weeks of fasting and meditation for integral purification.

After having followed for many years basic courses according to the line of teaching of Shri T. Krishnamacharya of Madras, he deepened the study of Yoga with several masters abroad, including Swami Indrananda of the Shivananda school of Rishikesh, in whose ashram, in England, he spent several periods.

B) – postural yoga efoa – an exercise – with françoise berlette

Romina approaches Hatha Yoga in 1990-1991, in Sassari, initially under the guidance of Tara Nicoletti and then of Claudio Scarpin: both students of Françoise Berlette, head of the European Formation of Oriental Arts (Efoa) and heir of André Van Lysbeth’s tradition.  Romina, obtained a doctorate in linguistics, trained as a Yoga teacher following for eight years the Efoa University; she has been teaching since 2011 in different centers (Cagliari, Monastir, Quartu and Sassari) giving weekly lessons and in-depth courses.From 2018/2019 she started the specialization in Postural Yoga, in Milan, under the guidance of Françoise Berlette.

Yoga postural efoa – an exercise – the mountain

Following the achievement of the teacher’s certificate he participated, for another 6 years, in specific meetings organized for a group of students graduated from the same course. The meetings took up one weekend a month from October to May, integrated with intensive retreats. Teachers Francoise Berlette (Pranayama, Kundalini Y. and Kriya Y.), and Roberto Laurenzi (Interpretation of traditional scriptures, Pranayama).

She studied and obtained the certificate, to assist the pregnancy with the techniques of Yoga, at the school of Parma of Dr. Gabriella A. Ferrari Vice-President ISPPM International Society of Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Medicine (Heidelberg); founder and teacher of ISPPE “International School of Prenatal and Perinatal Education”. The course took up 5 weekends.

Face to face with françoise berlette, efoa school leader for the

President of Studyo Yoga, Yoga teacher, graduated with Francoise Berlette and Willy van Lysebeth in 1986 at ANY. Member of YANI. Naturopath, graduated from the Riza Institute in 2006, Shiatsu and Reiki Operator since 1996. Laughter Yoga leader since 2013

Yoga teacher (graduated acharya yoga at Integral Yoga Institute of A. Van Lysebeth and Italian Yoga Federation), enrolled at YANI. Master reiki 3rd level, holistic operator SICOOL, Nutripuncture and shiatsu. Educator at birth, carnal singing, newborn massage, watsu.

She has been practicing yoga for almost twenty years and teaching since 2009, graduated in 2012 from SFIDY. She has deepened the techniques of “Energy Yoga” with Boris Tatzky and Alberta Biressi. Since 1999 she follows Meditation [email protected]

Laura started her yoga practice in 1991. After she moved to the UK, she completed her Teacher Training at the Bridget Woods Kramer school of yoga in 2011 and qualified as a Restorative Yoga Teacher at Triyoga London with Anna Ashby in 2017. Laura is currently completing an Advanced Teacher Training at Triyoga London and is specializing in breathwork. [email protected]

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